In our country, this is the season of interviews in most colleges, and many students, after years of hard work in their respective fields, would have lined up for that closed session, a.k.a. personal interview, where all that they have done throughout their life till that very point is going to be asked about and judged in a span of an hour per se.

But, it is not uncommon, at all, for the most brilliant of students, who’ve worked the hardest and who deserve the best, to end up at the bottom of the chain without a job.

But, why so?

How can a person, without doing much hard work, crack an interview whereas a person, who’s been a loyal and a dedicated hard-worker, can’t?

Well, somehow such incidents over the course of decades have made interviews something to fuss, or have nervous breakdowns, about. But, on a practical scale, interviews can be the easiest step towards securing a job if you know your stuff.

Yes, it’s true, and this blog is going to be the proof of it (just follow)!


  • Dress to Impress: No one is going to offer you a job while you look like a person just back from a rehab! Especially with studies showing that the time taken to judge a person is hardly a few seconds, you need to start living by this rule. Now, once you understand the importance of this rule, you need to know that there are 2 aspects to it:
  • Choose your clothes carefully: Use a fashion guide, take advice or learn how to make clothes click, but it is something you need to get done.
  • Groom: While choosing the right clothes is definitely important, wearing them with an untidy beard or long, unkempt hair is just as useless. So, groom well, from the tip of your hair to the tip of your toenail. Look sharp!
  • Confidence, Comfort, Conscious: The core quality of your interview depends on these 3 C’s.
  • Confidence: Since age immemorial, we’ve been told to be confident, and yet most of us seem to falter here itself. If you are not confident in yourself, how do you expect the interviewer to trust you with the job? Start trusting yourself.
  • Comfort: You are not asking for a favor in the interview, you are asking for what you think you deserve. Thus, be extremely comfortable with yourself and with the idea of the interview. The more comfortable you are with the situation, the better will your presence be.
  • Conscious: Be aware of whatever you say/do at the interview and what the interviewer asks. Stay in the moment and do not allow your mind to flutter away into the past or future. With consciousness, the quality of the conversation and time will also increase.
  • Research: To learn about the role you apply for and the company you apply it. Be prepared with the kind of questions asked in both the cases, separate and combined. If even a single question seems familiar, it can be enough to give you an edge over the others.
  • Body Language: Last, but definitely not the least, do not slouch or yawn or sulk or droop. Be aware of the correct body postures, including the correct handshake. And, NEVER LOSE THE EYE CONTACT!
  • BUILD A CONVERSATION: Just as simple and just as important, build a conversation with the interviewer, just not about the sitcoms he would watch unless you can use that to your advantage!

All these, along with a little bit of substance in you, will make the interview a success!