College is about to end. Playtime is over and you’re all going to step out into the real world, and get a real job and make a fortune for yourselves! Isn’t this what you’ve been planning all along, since the time you stepped in?

Well then, the big moment’s here. Soon, there’ll be companies floating here and there and a bouquet of opportunities will be awaiting you. All you need to do is, put yourself out there and place your best foot forward.

But, as it always has been, just having it in you wouldn’t help you get that dream job you have been yearning for all this while. You have to make sure that you convey the same equally well, especially in this age where the rat race has become a bit too stiff.

So, how do you do it? How do you let the important people know that you’re not just a piece of paper they call a Résumé?

Interviews! The thing that scares the bollocks out of you can also be your blessing in disguise!

Here’s how you’re going to make it happen:

  1. Do your homework: The very basic thing to do, even before you attend an interview is to do your homework on the company and role you’re appearing for. Read as much as you can about the company starting with its establishment, how it grew, what it does, its various products, its bases, its statistics, etc. Once done, find out about the role they’re offering and what they expect. Note that every job role has 2-3 common questions being asked over and over again and you can find them easily on the net. This small effort shows how dedicated you are and how much you want the job!
  2. Maintain Professionalism: When you appear for an interview, they should know that you’re not stuck in your callous college attitude anymore and that you’re ready to be a part of the corporate world. Thus maintain basic professional etiquette via the following measures:
    1. Be well-groomed: No funny hairstyles, no overgrown beards, no uncut nails etc. Make sure you look neat.
    2. Get dressed: Dress in a way that says you want this job. And always remember, a little effort in this area can always take you a long way even on a rainy day!
    3. Phones silent: One of the biggest distractions of the millennia, make sure doesn’t cause a distraction at the interview.
    4. Greet everyone: Greet everyone personally with a firm handshake before you take a seat.
    5. Have your documents: Make sure you don’t tell them that you forgot some important document that you were supposed to have here. This is not an engineering lab exam!
  3. Be Aware of Yourself: You can prep all you want, but without a bit of an improv and a slight presence of mind, you can count yourself in the herd with the commoners. To avoid this, firstly, be well aware of your goals and thought processes. Sudden questions about yourself should not throw you off-balance. Sit, think and prepare yourself accordingly. Secondly, be absolutely in-sync, mentally, as the interview unfolds. You don’t wanna be day-dreaming in the interview. A good night’s sleep, little meditation, a light meal etc. might help with the same.
  4. Be Calm and Confident: Firstly, know that interviews can be completely based on logic. Think of it as a quiz that moves ahead with every right answer! This way, it would seem exactly as what it is, a conversation between two people. This trick will help you get a grip over your nerves and this is necessary because they need to know that you are someone they can rely on, someone who wouldn’t lose his/her shit the moment things seem to go south.

Once you’re done with it all, make sure you thank them with a dazzling smile!