The Covid-19 or Coronavirus pandemic has now plagued  the world for almost two months, with people across the globe locked up in their homes waiting to once again freely step outside without any fear of getting infected by a life-threatening virus.

While all the governing bodies in the world are doing whatever is in their power to fight this current situation, what can we do as individuals, to promote ours as well as everyone else’s’ safety?

Well, boosting self immunity as an individual is not only the biggest step you can take towards your safety and is also the biggest contribution you can make towards world recovery.

So, how to do it? Especially when you’re stuck at home?

Well, a few very simple steps is how!


  • Personal Hygiene: The first and foremost step is to maintain a strict personal hygiene. Bath regularly, wash hands at regular intervals, do not repeat clothes even at home, wash every item that you bring inside your home with soap, keep your house as clean and dusted as possible and so on. In case you step outside to buy things, make sure you wear a mask and change clothes as soon as you get home, washing the discarded clothes immediately. Using and disposing masks is a completely different ball game, make sure you know the rules.
  • Diet: Your diet has a very big effect on your immunity. Avoid artificial sweeteners, junk food, white sugar etc. These reduce your immunity. Make sure you consume a lot of water to flush as much toxins as possible. Eat green vegetables as much as possible and avoid non-vegetarian food as well as consume easily digestible, light meals. Avoid any and every sort of addiction, including drugs, tobacco and alcohol!
  • Healthy Mind: The biggest challenge against immunity is a negative and anxious mind and mental exhaustion (which is happening a lot in this time of chaos). A lot of NGOs like The Art of Living and Isha Foundation are having regular live meditations through social media. Something to probably try in this phase. Also, stick to art and creativity of any sort, like music, writing, cooking, dancing etc., to elevate your mindset.

  • Exercise: Physical exercise is one of the biggest immunity boosters. Yoga and breathing exercises like pranayamas help a lot in clearing out your lungs and nasal tracts and increasing your lung capacity, which in turn boosts your immunity. Also, some physical exercise will help you keep your mind in check from getting anxious.
  • Balanced Rest: While some are wearing themselves out under house work and/or corporate pressure, others are too busy making up for a decade of lost sleep! Both are equally detrimental to one’s immunity. Make sure you catch at least,and only, 6-8 hours of sleep with adequate physical labour.