College. The land of dreams and desires. It is the place where you realise some of the happiest moments of your life. College is where you make never-ending bonds of die-hard friendships. College is where you might commit some of your biggest mistakes till date and you will learn to rectify them and grow with them.

But as Chanakya said, a wise man learns from others mistakes. And one should do the same in order to make the most of one’s freshman year. Thus, use this article as a guide for an amazing first year and the remaining years ahead.

Here’s what you do and how:

  1. Dig deep into your major: Yes, it is old school, but you really wouldn’t want to take your focus off the primary reason of you attending college. Since freshmen year is a relatively laid-off year academically, use the opportunity to find out the most about your major. Ask seniors, professors etc. and find out about the various add-on curricular, job options, previous opportunities etc. Not only this, make a habit of being punctual and regular to classes because this habit will go long way to help you throughout college, and will also help in keeping up academically without effort and striking a rapport with the professors.
  2. Get Involved: Throw yourself at opportunities to get more involved in college. Be it academic opportunities, talent clubs, organising fests, just be a part of everything as much as possible. Make yourself uncomfortable by going out of your comfort zone if required. Learn new things. The more you throw your hands here and there, the more clarity you gain on what you want to do and what not. Additionally, not only does doing this the right way helps make a lot of important contacts (again, something handy in the long run), it also helps you develop a very people-friendly personality and sharp communication manner (something which will help you in and out of college). And freshmen year is the time to do it because you have the time and the energy, given that you are too high on life you know!
  3. Keep yourself fit: Both physically and mentally. Here are few habits you should inculcate in the freshmen year itself:
    1. Hit the Gym: This will help you get physically fit and release a lot of stress at the same time. Plus it will help develop a personality. Also, this habit is easier to induct in the first year.
    2. Eat healthy and sleep soundly: You are out of home for the first time. Don’t start treating your body as junk already. Respect your body and understand its needs. Something that will keep you energised throughout the year and help you make the most out of everything.
    3. Keep out of drugs and alcohol: Something today’s generation needs to understand the most. Don’t make yourself dependent on such things. You’re young and impressionable. Small instant pleasures can do a lot of far-fetched mental damage.
  4. Socialise and Go Crazy: Talk to everyone, your roommates, floor mates, classmates, hostel mates and everyone else. College is a place to a make memories and bonds that you would cherish throughout your life. So, do not forget to enjoy yourselves doing everything that need be done. The more you make friends, the easier it gets to come out of homesickness. Give your phone a break and socialize the 80s style. Hang out together, talk to each other and get real!