Choosing a right college is the biggest and challenging decision one can make. Right college can change your life completely helping you to reach success and helps you to come up with flying colours. Universities like Babu Banarasi Das (BBD) University are best for academics and research. They have knowledgeable faculty who quenches the thirst of learning and achieving things in life and provides quality education.

Below are some guidelines to help you choose the right college/ university:

  • Identify your passion and then choose the streams accordingly
    Decide on which course/subject you would like to take up. Focus on what you are fanatical about and then work on that course details. Research well before choosing any subject because you will build your career based on this decision. So always select the subject that interests you. Do not get carried away by people’s expectation or thoughts.
  • Location or distance
    Decide on the place where you want to perceive your education; you want to stay in your hometown or move to the different city? Decide on it first.
  • Shortlist the colleges/universities which offer courses in your subject
    Once you are done selecting the subject that interests you, now focus on which institution to go for.
    Make a list of colleges/universities you are fascinated about. Research on it; check the website of the institution, read the reviews. Find out about the teaching staff, university ranking, ranking based on the subjects offered. Then choose the best and the top most one for which you are eligible
  • Check the syllabus¬†
    Find out about the points covered in the courses; because you will spend your time learning them and it should not disappoint you at the end. Find out about labs and research facilities and guidelines and support offered by the institution. Make sure whether they cover the major topics of the subject you choose.
  • Consider the fees charged
    Find about the fee structure to know about the cost of your studies. Compare with other colleges and choose the one which best suits you.
  • Check if you are entitled to scholarship
    Check whether you are eligible for any scholarship based on the examination you have taken (like CAT/ MAT/ IIT-JEE/ AIEEE/ AKTU etc.) or based on the marks you scored in previous class/standard.
  • Check if the college offers campus selection/ placements/ internship
    If you want to pick up a job soon after you complete your course, then look at the placement facility offered by the institution. Find out whether the institution provides placements. Check if they provide placement training. Find out about the companies which offer campus selection in the institution you choose. Find if the college has 100% placement opportunities. Research on the number of students getting placed every year.
  • Check if the institution offers international program
    See if the college offers the opportunities to participate in international programs.