Many of us would’ve heard or read, as a part of very recent events, that Germany and other European nations would be completely stopping the production of IC engines by the year 2020, which means, we will soon be living in a world where there might be no use of petrol or diesel in cars and bikes, electric vehicles would be all that we see.

This piece of information tells us a lot of the world that we are turning into.

We live in an era where we are surrounded by machines, gadgets, and appliances, which have become so common that they are no less a part of our lives than the clothes we (need to) wear. And this is not even the extreme end, technology is still getting refined, with inventions, discoveries and polishing of existent findings happening very regularly, just like an Android update on a smartphone.

With this consistent heavy development in the technological sector, just how critical is the education related to it?

Very, very critical. It is very essential, especially for developing nations like India, that a sound teaching and education method be developed especially for tech-related studies, from the very elementary education that a child receives.

The reason is simple.

BBD-UnivesityIn every field today, technology is a major part. From the vehicles on road to the ACs in our home to the mowers in the garden to the computers and TVs we are so fond of, everything is made up of technology. The backbone of every industry is the technology that runs it. Even the non-technical items in your life, like clothes, have been made of machines that run on technology. If the cloth is hand-stitched, even then, it is stitched by needles and threads made available to you by machines that run on technology. And all this was while talking about production only. Today, even the processes that follow production, till the logistics and maintenance ends, depend on technology, like shipping (for which overseas has become a very common thing today) and maintaining databases (which would have taken billions of sheets of paper, had it not been for a small hard-disk inside a computer).

But all of this, this revolution from walking to riding a bullock-cart to flying an actual rocket, has not happened magically by itself in a split second. This change, this revolution, and improvement were brought about by us, humans, with hard work done over, and throughout, the centuries.

Luckily, our nation has universities like BBDU (the best university in Lucknow) that provide courses like B.Tech./M.Tech., providing sound technical education (even leading to research) along with world-class learning facilities and international opportunities.

Especially when today, we stand in a world where we face extreme danger from issues related to loss of resources and environmental dangers. Maybe all of this happened because somewhere while a few brilliant minds were busy making these inventions and creating this technology, others were simply busy using it, without knowing its consequences.

bbd UniversityTo take this technology even forward and fight the severe energy and environmental crisis that we face today, we need much more advancements than we currently have, and we need the knowledge of all of it, its goods and bad, to use this technology wisely in our favor, not against us.

Universities like BBDU (a very well known and a top engineering college of Lucknow) are a role model with the understanding they show of such facts and the sound theoretical and practical knowledge they provide with all the technical courses. In fact, supposed to be the top university of Lucknow, BBDU, particularly, also provides research-oriented courses like B.Sc./M.Sc. etc.