Finally with the end of board exams, comes the time to make a few important decisions! The decision of what to become, what to study, which career to pursue, which school to choose etc. But all these questions end up on the same platform: your choice of stream!

university after 12thThoughtful stream selection is one of the most important and necessary decisions of a student’s life. It is your first step towards your future! It takes a second to make this decision, but it is the span of your lifetime during which you have to stay with it. Not only do you have to live with it every single day, it also decides your future career graph and your success!

But then again, is stream selection that necessary? In our country, everyone seems to be running after Science mostly and Arts only seems viable for students poor in studies.


So, what is the truth behind this decision?

  • Perception of the self:

    The thought process before stream selection is very necessary. The biggest blunder you can commit against yourself is of not giving much thought about what you want. You should think about what fancies you, what interests you, what are the grounds on which you would base the choice of your career etc. Now, it is true that as a student of class 12, it’s not easy for you to have such clarity, but for now, all you have to do is think as much as you can, learn about your interest from people who have pursued it, discuss with your parents, take opinions if you feel like, and then, simply lock it and go with your gut. The rest then is just your hard work! This simple step now can reduce your stress in the future!

  • Gives you a perfect launch:

    Thinking about your interest now, can save you time and also give you a head start by placing your efforts in the right direction. It also adds to the stability of your efforts and self-given the fact that this decision is your first step towards making an individual out of yourself. You will know where to head to and it will be enough to figure out the how-to!

  • Adds to your Focus:

    One of the most important facts about careful stream selection is that it can multiply your focus on your career and work. The reason is simple! You would actually be interested in what you are studying, you would be making efforts without anyone telling you and you would be gaining results! Now, if your interest lies in Shakespeare, you will never willingly read about mitochondria!

  • Helps you outdo yourself:

    You can only truly attain heights when discipline is combined with unbridled energy which can only be present if you are really inclined towards gaining knowledge and making yourself better, which in turn would only be present if you are mentally comfortable with your choice of stream. So, if you want to achieve greatness, wanting your stream badly is a prerequisite!

  • Keeps You Happy:

    Your inner peace and happiness depends a lot on what you do. If you are pursuing a stream under pressure of someone/something, the end result is bound to be despair. Instead, doing something you want, will cause frustrations at failures and roadblocks, but will give you true happiness when you surpass them.

“Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, but make sure the effort to that mistake was genuine enough!”

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