We have often heard people say things like ‘be positive’ or ‘the glass is always half-full’ etc. All of this, as we all know, are their efforts to make us positive, and all of this has been around for centuries.

But why? Why should we be positive? How does positivity help us and negativity let us down?

Well, perhaps, these are questions which should not be ignored now. College life, even though fun, can also be the most trying, difficult and testing of times, and can be really, really stressful. After going through the answer to such questions, the students will be able to move ahead with a concrete mindset and deal with all the issues much more easily.

Relation Between Positive Thinking and Your Well-Being:

Can there possibly be a relation between your thoughts and physical well being? Well, research shows so. According to this research, having a positive mindset can help reduce stress and panic in the brain which will ultimately lead to a stronger heart.

The following are a list of health benefits that follow:

  • Increased lifespan;
  • Decreased risk of strokes and heart attacks;
  • Lesser chances of depression;
  • Lesser scope of anxiety and anxiety attacks;
  • Lesser scope of nervous breakdowns;
  • Better general physical well-being;
  • Stronger immune system;
  • Feels more energetic.

Relation Between Positive Thinking and Your Outlook:

While these are just the health benefits that add to the physical and mental well-being, being positive also has a deep effect at the psychological and emotional level of an individual. Being positive generally makes a person more happy in his day-to-day life and the person ends up feeling stronger at heart.

This helps shape the thinking of the individual in a major way. The following are a few changes that follow:

  • Not only does this make the person embrace life in a truer way, but it also makes him/her appreciate the things/people around more;
  • The individual tends to accept more challenges and responsibilities, viewing them as opportunities rather than threats;
  • The individual tends to be more respectful, kind and understanding towards others;
  • The individual would tend to try out/experiment with ideas more, thinking less about the what-ifs (for failure) and more about the WHAT-IFS (for success);
  • The individual would tend to try harder before giving up, if ever;
  • The tendency to run away from situations, be it personal or professional, reduces.

Thus, being positive can help shape the mindset of an individual in a way that makes the most out of any situation and opportunity, and make the best of even the worst of situations!