Every year thousands of students take admission in different engineering colleges in India. Every field of engineering is equally demanding across the industries globally. Students passing with flying colours from premium engineering colleges get mind-blowing job offers from the top companies in India and abroad. This means, just getting admission in a college is not enough, you have to choose the right one. If you are fortunate enough to book your place in the best engineering college in Lucknow, your future will be smooth sailing like thousands of other passed out engineers of this college. Selecting the right engineering college is should be your priority. It’s a big decision for your career.

Keep an eye on some important parameters

Selecting the right engineering college for your undergraduate study is not a tough job. Focus on the following parameters without fail:

  • The reputation of the college – Consult passed out students, students in their 3rd or 4th year in the same college, students studying in other colleges, and your close relatives or acquittances.
  • Faculty and department – Collect information about the faculty members. A strong team of professors and lecturers is always a blessing for a student. Also, obtain information about the past performance of the department.
  • Campus life – You are going to spend 4 years there. So, keep an eye on the campus life, kinds of facilities available, quality of hostel facility available, and scope of extracurricular activities.

Besides, know about the accreditation of the college, quality of lab and library facilities available, class size, and quality of internship and placement the college arrange.

Make a rational decision

You will be extremely busy with classes, labs, libraries, seminars, assignments, extracurricular activities, and many more. There will be special interactions with industry leaders, top business personalities, and other successful professionals in your field and other fields. These four years of your life will be unforgettable and cherishing. But remember all these will be as you expect if the college you will select is built to facilitate the best learning experience. It’s best to make the decision when you are in the last year of your school life not at the last moment. If you don’t research the colleges, there remains a high chance of missing some aspects affecting the decision. Always remember, studying in the best engineering college in Lucknow should be your target.