Babu Banarasi Das University (BBDU), one amongst the fastest growing universities of this country, has been, for a while now, known as the top university in UP.

Sport FacilitiesBut as students just out of school, and their parents, how does one know what separates BBDU to be specifically known as the best university in UP? In fact, what are these traits that would even make it the best college in Lucknow? Even if it is, BBDU offers a lot of courses, thus, for which particular course is it considered the top college in Lucknow?

Since the very beginning, BBDU has made a different aura about the education it aims to provide. Based on the vision of a former Chief Minister of U.P (DR. AKHILESH DAS GUPTA), the University aims to provide the most modern of education to all its students, very different from the conventional method of our country. It believes that, apart from sound theoretical knowledge of the field of study, one must also be well-trained in practical working, especially with an on-field experience. Not only this, the University makes sure that these students are trained, irrespective of the discipline they are pursuing, to be capable enough to be the global leaders of tomorrow.

But, then again, every University can claim this. Thus, if not even this, what then makes BBDU the top university of UP?

Facts. Numbers. Figures, that prove how successful the previous students of this in-talk University are, and how much effort, time and energy this University is ready to invest to give its students the best of all worlds.

  • Motive:

    BBDU does not base its motive as monetary benefits. It wants to change the way the education system of this country is run and wants to make sure that the world leaders of tomorrow belong to this country, with India being listed amongst the top nations of the world in every positive respect. Figures? Ask the 20000+ students who have received extensive scholarships from the university.

  • Quality Education:  

BBDU provides state-of-the-art technology along with the best faculty members. It even provides international opportunities and unlimited academic material for all who are willing to learn. The proof? More than 60000 alumni members and the 20000+ students studying here!

  • Placement History:

Only a decade old and yet already more than a thousand companies have been coming around to hire the students of this rising University. In fact, students of BBDU have been offered packages of more than 25 LPA just after their B.Tech. The University has even made sure that its students also receive training to develop their overall personality as a part of their learning.

  • Experience:

BBDU, as we see it today was established in the year 2010, but the Babu Banarasi Das Educational Society (BBDES) was established much before. In fact, the first establishment of BBDES was BBDNITM, which has been providing steady education for almost 20 years now!

  • Student Performance:

A visit to the University’s website would disclose the number of awards won by the very students of BBDU. From presenting research journals to already attending international conferences, the traits of global leaders are beginning to unravel!

Maybe these are the factors that make BBDU the best college in Lucknow or even the top University in Lucknow.

And if it is the best, why would one join anywhere else?