Management colleges are much in vogue in recent times. They attract a good deal of talent from the national scenario. Students passing out from some of the top-rated MBA colleges are often recruited by the top commercial brands and companies of not just the nation but the world as a whole. However, the quality of the MBA institution from where you are passing out can make a major difference in your career. Hence discerning the best MBA College in Lucknow or any other city is quite important for the candidate. Let us take a look at some of the features that can help differentiate the winners of the arena.


This is the most important aspect that helps to discern the quality of an institute. It is the teaching faculty of a college that determines the standard of the institute. Hence at the time of selecting an MBA college makes a detailed investigation about the teaching faculty of the institute.

Teacher-student ratio

Just the quality of the teaching staff is never enough to understand the kind of training that is imparted to the students. The aspects of the teacher-student ratio are just as important. This aspect indicates the kind of attention every student receives from the teachers.

Campus infrastructure

MBA campuses are often rather plush and provided with superior quality infrastructure and facilities. Amenities like proper classrooms, digitized environment, exhaustive libraries, hostel accommodations, etc are the aspects that must be taken into count at the time of selecting an MBA campus.

Placement cell

The placement cell of an MBA institute plays a rather crucial role in determining the introductory offers a student receives at the end of the college finale. It is always advisable that you check the placement cell track record of the MBA institute in UP or any other city.

All top MBA institutes have well organized and elaborate websites. These websites are highly informative and inform about the various aspects of the institute. You should go through the website of the institute carefully. This is how you can get all the information about the place.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. How is the campus life in the School of Management of BBDU?

  1. In the School of Management, BBDU students enjoy very updated campus life with all modern facilities available within the campus and all necessary services in the vicinity.

Q2. What is the quality of faculty in the School of Management of BBDU?

  1. The School of Management of BBDU maintains top-quality faculty in every department. Students find them easily accessible. Faculty members are also always ready to help them.

Q3. What courses are studied in the School of Management of BBDU?

  1. In the School of Management BBDU, there are BBA and MBA courses available in different streams. Contact the university for more details.