Being in the education sector for past 20+ years, I have come across numerous incidents where gender parity was far-fetched and there was no solution for it. The progress of women in the past 100 years has not been significant enough despite the numerous efforts of people who care to bring a revolution in this society. Here in the 21st century, women still strive to get what they deserve and to stand up for their rights. Issues like child marriage, proper access to education, female infanticide, domestic violence, less employment opportunities doesn’t really go out of sight till date. In a country like India, these problems do matter to majority, irrespective of the gender. But it takes action to bring a change in today’s world.

I believe that educating women can provide them with a number of possibilities to bring a change in their life full of struggles. Being the Chairperson of BBD group of education, I wish to give back to the society by empowering women to fight for the things that matter, to have a voice and to be a role model for someone who still is leading a life full of fears. Women should never miss on any opportunity that comes across their way. In this hour, there is an urgent need to support women and to stand up strong against gender inequality.


Mrs. Alka Das
ChairPerson (BBD Group)

Women’s Day

At BBD group of education, we give special attention to the needs of female student. We run various programmes that help the girl child to be truly independent so that she can be able enough to face the society by herself. For this, we have special scholarship programmes for Girl Candidates  at the University. We also have a dedicated Women Grievance Redressal Cell which ensures the absolute security, quality of life and well-being of women employee and students in the university campus. We also keep on organising self-defence training programmes for girls led by the famous martial arts trainer Mr. Shaurya Shifuji Bhardwaj. Along with that, Police Identity Cards had been distributed by the 1090- Women Power Line Team to selected girls to act as a representative of the police in order to protect the sufferers.

Women’s DayBBD girls have also enrolled in NCC where they are taking active participation in institutional and camp trainings which introduces them to a regimented way of life. It is helping them to be self-reliant even when they are out of their comfort zones. Thus, spreading the message of unity, safety and security. These programmes spark a wave of positivity among the students which helps them to realize their importance and their irreplaceable contribution to the society. BBD Girls are coming up with flying colors in all the fields be it Exams, Sports, Research Activities, etc. They are giving a cut-throat competition to everyone while following their dreams and passion.

There is a strong need to stand up for the rights of women and to press for progress. A little effort is all it takes to bring about a change. “Never stop dreaming, as dreams do get fulfilled”. Let us be a helping hand to women who strive to shine and smile. We have to stop being silent to the wrong that we see all around us. This Women’s Day let us pledge to help the women to lead a life they have always dreamt of living.