“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

The wise words of Eleanor Roosevelt shed a light on the personalities that live amongst us but are different from us. They are successful, always aiming for the stars so they land on the moon.

Now with that being said, why are we not them? What are we lacking? Why can’t we learn and progress as they do?
The answer lies right with you and you know it already! But let us take the help of Eleanor Roosevelt’s statement and shed some light on Comfort zone and Learning.

We want to be the leader, but our knees shiver when we are supposed to make a speech. You want people to know you but you would rather bite your nails rather making small talk with the strangers. Situations like these – professionally important but personally terrifying – are ubiquitous. But then again, normality can never make you stand out from the crowd.

Out of the comfort zone, you are constantly put to test and are uncertain as to how you performed. Here are some learnings and benefits of stepping out your comfort zone –

Personal Growth
The only difference between high achievers and the rest is that the former spends more time in the growth zone. One of the skills they learn to master in life is being comfortably uncomfortable and having the determination to succeed. A mind once stretched never returns to its original space.

When you challenge yourself to step out of the comfort zone, pushing to step into the world of uncertainty, a momentum occurs. These small changes when stacked together create a force which is self-perpetuating. It just cannot be stopped.

Elimination of Fear
You have 100% control of your mind. It can work for you or against you. You can not leave it by chance and if you do, a voice from the back of your head will tear you down with constants ‘You will fail’, ‘You can not do this’, ‘You will make a fool out of yourself’. You need to pause this play button. So, when you take action you come to see how much you’ve been underestimating your abilities and overestimating the obstacles. Hence, as you step out of comfort zone, you start to eliminate fear.

Self Fulfilment
Everyday people wake up with that feeling of underachievement with the realization of not living life up to the fullest. We have zero control over the length of our lives but we have 100% control over the breadth and depth of it. Growth, forward momentum, and rhythm, a new-found level of productivity and shaping your own performance zone all lead you down a pathway of self-fulfillment.
So at last, with some of the learnings and benefits from stepping out of your comfort zone, you meet new people, learn new cultures, become better by working in the environment of dynamic change with the constant rush and challenge of your abilities.

As you step out to harness yourself and you hear that little voice of yours (which you will!), trying to pull you back, gently remind it that there is no such thing as ‘fail’ if you get something out of it. ‘Fail’ simply means my “First Attempt In Learning”.