B. Arch colleges and institutions train students and aspiring candidates in the domain of architecture. Candidates who are planning to embark upon a career as an architect must get enrolled in the leading B. Arch colleges. This is one of the first and the basic steps that you must take to ensure a flourishing career. The best B. Arch college in UP and other parts of the country can ensure that most promising candidates are made available for the industry.

Best B.Arch College in Lucknow

Specialized training

The B. Arch colleges of the country offer specialized training and education to their students so that they can get formal training in the domain. Architecture is a domain that requires specialized prowess, education, and learning. There are so many parts in the syllabus and the study material of architecture – planning, implementation, designing, etc. A good B. Arch college can always help a student to gain insight and knowledge in all these aspects.


Students passing out from the best B. Arch College in UP will always have an advantage in their professional careers. They can easily land lucrative jobs in the private construction companies, in government administration and civil engineering departments, and also as conservation architects. Top employers of the nation are always eager to hire candidates of some reputed and the best B. Arch colleges of the nation. This is one of the simplest ways through which they can get quality candidates for their organizations.

Inspiring teachers

Teachers play an important role in developing students. This is true for all types of education levels. The best institutions of architecture often have some of the best teachers of the nation instructing their students. This is a really inspiring element that can enthuse the students to attain great success in life.

The market has a plethora of B. Arch colleges. Selecting the most suitable and the best-performing college can be a tough call. It is advisable that you conduct detailed research in the market and then select the institute where you wish to get enrolled. Go through the website of the college in detail to get all types of information.


  1. Why B.Arch. from the School of Architecture, BBDU?
    Best learning and training environment, experienced faculty, enough industrial exposure, best campus facility, and attractive placement facility make the School of Architecture, BBDU one of the best institutes for architectural studies.
  2. What courses are conducted at the School of Architecture, BBDU?
    Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Architecture, Master in Urban and Regional Planning, and Bachelor of Interior Designing.
  3. How is the campus life at BBDU?
    Students enjoy state-of-the-art facilities in BBDU, Lucknow. The School of Architecture offers the best library and lab facility, infrastructure for outdoor activities, sports facilities, cafeteria, gymnasium, and many other modern facilities.