Tips for cracking an Interview

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College is about to end. Playtime is over and you’re all going to step out into the real world, and get a real job and make a fortune for yourselves! Isn’t this what you’ve been planning all along, since the time you stepped in? Well then, the big moment’s here. Soon, there’ll be companies floating here [...]

5 qualities an Interviewer Notices in a Candidate

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Interview. It’s an event that can either make all your hard work fruitless or can make up for your lack of hard work. Whether it’s a happy or a sad fact depends on an individual’s ability to use it to his/her advantage. But how can people crack interviews when they are busy being afraid of them? [...]

Tips For Cracking An Interview

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In our country, this is the season of interviews in most colleges, and many students, after years of hard work in their respective fields, would have lined up for that closed session, a.k.a. personal interview, where all that they have done throughout their life till that very point is going to be asked about and judged [...]

How to Prepare Yourself for the Campus Placements

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The season of campus placements is about to and that means all the students that are in their final year will be getting ready to get their first job. However, there are things that you need to do to prepare, which is the same for all aspects of your life, so make sure that you know [...]

Learn about the career options after BDS

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You must be thinking what to do after you complete your BDS course. This article will guide you regarding various available opportunities for the once who are done with BDS. Higher education (post-graduation): To get admission for Master Degree in Dental Surgery (MDS), you have to take up entrance exams like All India Post Graduate Dental [...]