There is always a misconception that degree in law will allow the students to find their job only in the lawyer fraternity. But this is not the fact. With your law degree you can in fact find many good jobs with good positions in various industries. To say, recruiters from different industries attract law graduates for placements.

A degree in law is the gateway to your career. It is not just the path you can choose but beyond the legal profession, your career is wide open with ample options.

The jobs you can find related to law degree are ample. You will be really amazed to know them. Some of the jobs that are directly associated to your law degree are:


  • Paralegal
  • Barrister
  • Company secretary
  • Chartered legal executive
  • Detective
  • Solicitor
  • Licensed conveyance
  • Solicitor and more



You can also work as;


  • Legal Data analyst
  • Advice worker
  • Human resources officer
  • Civil service administrator
  • Investment Fraud attorney
  • Patent attorney
  • Trading standards officer and many others



It is not only other domains, but you can also join your own society and practice law.

The candidate with a degree in law can find ample opportunities to work in sectors like banking, property development, financial, HR departments in businesses and much more.

Moreover, by qualifying as a solicitor, you can also work in various legal practices that covers family, criminal, probate and business. You can find opportunities available through national government, local government, large organizations and private firms.

What value add will a Law Degree give to your CV? 
The law degree will cover all foundation subjects, which are mostly required for the entry into your legal profession. However, understanding legal implications, obligations and combining your knowledge to apply in practice is very important. This degree will help you gain knowledge in various parts of private, public and voluntary sectors.

Here are the major skills that you can obtain from the law degree;


  • You will gain the research skills using various sources, including your verbal questioning skills
  • You will gain evaluation skills, and ability to interpret / explain complex information in a clear and understandable way
  • You will gain the analytical skills, which are very important to excel in your career
  • You will gain the skills of reasoning and critical judgment
  • You will get the ability to formulate any sound arguments
  • You will get the ability to write any content concisely
  • You will gain the ability of lateral thinking
  • You will gain problem solving skills
  • Your confident and persuasive communication skills will be polished
  • You will learn to pay more attention to the details and gain the ability to draft formal documents with required precision


With all required and main skills to gain, you will certainly become a qualified personal to work in any responsible jobs on obtaining your degree in law. Therefore, there is no doubt that the degree in law can bring you ample opportunities and career options to select, no matter whatever industry you want to enter into.