It is well known that, academically and otherwise, college is the place, and college life is the time, that turns a kid into an individual. Thus, it is very necessary that one knows and understands certain things, and tries to, and starts, thinking about others, during this time.  For this, one of the most popular, and easiest, way is to read. While most of us are now in the habit of reading stuff online, with so many (literally millions) articles, blogs etc. already existing on a highly varied list of subjects, these simply cannot be compared to a book.

Every single book is this unbelievable source of knowledge that can spark up hundreds of thoughts for every reader, and the deeper you go, the more you start thinking. Such is the power of books, that it has been no secret that a very major portion of the world leaders in every field, since the very beginning, have been avid readers.

Now, while a lot of books stand out, the following books are especially ones that every college-bound student should be reading:

Top College in Lucknow1. Origin Story: A Big History of Everything, by David Christian: For those who don’t know this, Big History is the study of the Universe, from how it came into existence during big bang to how it developed into galaxies and solar systems and developed further on to become what it is today. Recommended by the likes of Bill Gates, Origin Story is like an introduction and guide that leads the readers into a realm of Big History. Not only does this book leave the readers captivated with thoughts, but it also sparks a thought of existentialism everywhere!

Best College for LLB in Lucknow2. Leonardo Da Vinci, by Walter Isaacson: One of the most incredible men to have ever walked the earth, the life of Leonardo Da Vinci has been a big mystery to all. From being a painter to a researcher, Da Vinci had a lot on his mind. This book is one of the best there can be, to sum up, the life of such a human who has a major contribution. Walter Isaacson has also authored biographies of Steve Jobs and Einstein which became the New York Times bestsellers!

Top Law College in Lucknow3. The End of Absence, by Michael Harris: A must for every single college kid of today’s era, The End of Absence talks about the beauty of the pre-internet life and the ‘absence’ in it, the ‘absence’ of constantly being involved with someone or something. It talks about how important that absence is. Want to know which global leader recommends this book? Satya Nadella, CEO of tech-giant Microsoft reflects on what it means to live in a more connected and digital world.

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4. Why Nations Fail, by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson: Every bit of education, given to any student, will only be successful if, in the end, it gives back to the society. But to understand how to do this, and where do so many nations of the world fail, this book is really important. The book explains in detail how inevitably ultimately man himself at the downfall of nations and at the beginning of miseries.

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5. Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler: Mein Kampf is a working understanding of the views and ideas of the great Fuhrer and, in a way, why he did what he did. In Mein Kampf, he described the symbolism of the Nazi Flag as “The red expressed the social thought underlying the movement.” Not only will this book help students understand a very important part of our world’s history and about this man’s remarkable traits, but it will also teach them about the disasters of misguided genius and the troubles that follow unchecked thoughts and emotions.