In the era of computer science and information technology, having a degree in computer applications means unlocking the doors of opportunities and a prosperous career. BCA from the best BCA college in Lucknow, UP has several advantages over the others who don’t have that qualification. This domain is no more an option in today’s world but the backbone of trade and business as well as any types of official jobs and communication systems.

Top BCA College in Lucknow

What is a bachelor in computer application or BCA?

BCA is a three-year degree course offered by various reputed universities in India like BBD University. Normally, these three years are divided into six semesters. With an upgraded course curriculum that includes thorough knowledge in different programming languages and their applications, use of mathematics and statistics in computer science, information technology, and its applications, and hardware technology, a student of BCA becomes a knowledgeable professional in the subject.

Future scope of BCAs

The best BCA college in Lucknow, UP develops upgraded skills in the students. The course curriculums are developed keeping in focus the current needs of the industry. Top universities develop strong infrastructure, best syllabus, student-friendly campus, and best possible faculty for the BCA students with an intent to instill utmost professionalism in the students. Naturally, students passing BCA from the best BCA college find high demand in the job market.

Top BCA College in UP

After completing BCA, a student can find a suitable job in their preferable industry or go for higher studies like MCA and Ph.D. Some students even take admission in B.Tech to develop more skills in the field.

Some of the best reasons to study BCA

Here are some reasons for studying BCA and it’s increasing demand:

  • Job profile broadens – With a degree in this field, you can work in different industries that are not restricted to IT firms alone.
  • A stepping stone to MCA – Many students opt for MCA (Master in Computer Application) after completing BCA. A BCA student always gets an academic advantage while pursuing MCA than the students from other fields.
  • Work as a web developer – A BCA can be a proficient web developer. With their intense knowledge of different web developing languages, they can work in this field efficiently.

A degree in BCA gives a student a distinct advantage in the field of IT. They can find a job related to their field of expertise in hundreds of top-graded IT firms in India and abroad or they can start their own consultancy business. Many evolving professionals are doing quite well with start-up businesses. In any case, it should be kept in mind that just a degree is not sufficient, the university wherefrom you are graduating is also as important as the degree. So, select only the best.