Babu Banarasi Das Group, strongly believes in giving the best and being the brand of trust that anyone can rely on. BBD Group is going to take another leap in its pledge towards modernization and innovation that it has been providing since 1996. The Group has always been vocal about its vision and mission. Based on the ideas of its founder, Late Sri Akhilesh Das Gupta, a revered politician, educationalist, and sports icon, BBD group aims to always be the face of excellence along with maintaining its core belief of peace, responsibility and respect for individuals.

BBD group

With a year now since the demise of its beloved founder, BBD Group is unveiling its new logo, which is going to be a pictorial depiction of all the ideals and values that it follows and plans to instill forever.

Starting from the first look of this logo, it is evident that there is a representation of the Indian God, Lord Ganesh. One of the most worshipped and revered Gods, the elephant-headed Lord is a symbol of prosperity, fortune, success and of new beginnings. These are the tools that BBD Group wants to imprint throughout its journey, and for that the Group has rigorously worked towards stretching its spread over diversified fields and delivering perfection to all of its customers.

Another look, and one would be able to identify a blue bird, straight in the middle, with its majestic wings spread without hesitation, a symbolism used to accentuate BBD Group’s belief in always moving towards new horizons and exploring beyond boundaries. Like this bird, BBD Group does not ever plan to stop doing what it started. It plans to grow more and more with every passing year by increasing quality to everything it has ventured into. The group wants to stay devoted to total customer satisfaction and to be the leading name in every horizon in its spread. The clear proof of such a want are their continual efforts at building a better future for everyone.

Finally, the sunrise representation at the very end is Group’s belief that opportunities are never over, and that every day brings in new opportunities and hope. It emphasizes that BBD Group will never back down from anything and will always shine bright no matter what.

In conclusion, BBD Group plans to create the ideals, and the individuals following it, that leads OUR tomorrow!