Interview. It’s an event that can either make all your hard work fruitless or can make up for your lack of hard work. Whether it’s a happy or a sad fact depends on an individual’s ability to use it to his/her advantage.

But how can people crack interviews when they are busy being afraid of them?

It’s true! Over the past couple of decades, given the not-so-subtle rise in competition and the scary outlook the corporate world has been dawning, interviews have become a terror, especially to those, ironically, who have invested the most effort, energy and time, because they have the most to lose.

Thus, in the excitement, panic, anxiety, and the pressure of being capable enough to crack them, people are forgetting to look at the logical side of interviews (Yes, there is one!), and it is:

An interview is clearly only held to test one’s capability and skills and to judge whether the interviewee is good enough for the job. Now, the interviewer, in most cases, does not know you beforehand. He/she, therefore, only have the time of the interview to get to know you and judge you. Thus, it is obvious that they will look for a certain set of “something” in you and you just need to be promising enough to show that you have these “somethings”.

What are these “somethings”?

Well, this blog will answer just that!

The important somethings of an interview:

  • Ability to Communicate: More often than not, an interview can be called a good one if one is able to strike up a smooth conversation with the interviewer. A lot of people might have the skills required to handle the technical aspect of the particular job, but an interviewer would obviously prefer someone with whom they can have a decent conversation if they get to working together.
  • Positivity & Happiness Element: Even logically, who would choose a grumpy, fussy or sad face to look at, when they can choose a happy and smiling face? Doesn’t everyone have enough on their plates when it comes to office responsibilities? Thus, they’d obviously prefer someone who can help with their spirits instead of adding to their misery!
  • Professionalism: While the above points show something outside the basic regime of the corporate world is also required, it does not mean that the regime can be done away with! The basis of success in the corporate world is discipline. Without the consistent, disciplined and dedicated hard work of the multitudes of employees, no corporate giant would practically be able to stand even for a single day, no matter how advanced they are. And all of these qualities come under a single label, professionalism.
  • Flexibility: You might be able to strike up a conversation, you might be a happy-go-lucky person, you can even be extremely disciplined, and good at what you do, yet without flexibility, your likeness meter will fluctuate heavily. Being flexible shows your capability of empathizing with others and of following that up with the required action. It also shows that in the moment of need, you will be ready to go out of your way to be of help to the company. It also shows your willingness to grow in all aspects with time and situations.
  • Creative Ability: Yes, perhaps the most talked about, clichéd, and still important ability is to think apart from the lines that have been taught to you. The ability to think of something different. The ability that leads to innovation, invention and much more.

Such qualities cannot be cheated upon. They can be traced from the way you make your resume or the way you do your hair or the way you dress. Thus, strive to imbibe these qualities in the innermost core of your character or, at least, show the willingness to!