Here are 10 very simple steps to get the most out of your college life!


1. Follow the curriculum diligently: Everything else that you do beyond this is an add-on to help improve your college life, but this is the basic step, without which your college life can really end up in a turmoil. And, if this is done correctly, then even without the rest, you might end up in a good place.

2. Develop a routine: This is something that is going to be with you for life and help you through it. Developing a routine would not only inculcate discipline and responsibility, it will also help you manage and distribute time better.

3. Workout: Irrespective of gender, working out is a must for everybody. Most of us do not have a habit of staying healthy and fit and our food habits only make it worse. Working out can not only help build a proper physique which would mean great health, fitness and having a lasting impression, it can also help an individual manage and focus his/her energy and release stress!

4. Intern: Try to intern as much as possible, especially during breaks and, most importantly, be loyal to it! Not only does it add a lot to your knowledge and experience, it adds a sense of the professional life and gives you a clarity regarding your own interests!

5. Get involved: Be as active as possible in events happening in your college. Firstly, it isn’t a lot of work. Secondly, it helps to build contacts. And thirdly, it can usually end up being a lot of fun.

6. Experiment: Make yourself the subject and start conducting experiments. We all have a lot of thoughts regarding what to do in life, which path to opt for in order to build a career, what to do with our interests etc. Well, college life is the place to work on, and with, all of this. You will have a lot of time and you don’t have to have success in all your trials, all you have to do is try. This one thing alone can give you a lot of clarity and make life a lot easier.

7. Part-time job: Do it! Get a part-time job, either online or off it. But, do it in order to get a whiff of your own money! Start building your own account and feel what it’s like to be independent!

8. Independent projects: Take up projects of your own related to your field of learning, and start working on them. If you fail, try again, and if you succeed, try to make it better. Not only can this add a lot to your resume, it can also help learn a lot of things, things that are way beyond your books and, probably, your course too.

9. Enjoy: College life is THE time to have fun and to make memories! Make a lot of friends, take trips around the country, develop a fun hobby, roam around the city with your friends, go on long drives, take chances at happiness and togetherness etc. Do all of it, and much more.

10. Learn, learn, learn! : The key to the pinnacle of success is to NEVER STOP learning. Keep learning throughout your college life. Update yourself continuously. Make sure you have an attitude of learning throughout the college life. Learn about the technological and world developments around you, learn from your peers, learn from the teachers, learn from your mistakes and shortcomings, and learn in every aspect of life!